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Nirousazan Maad co, with more than 10 years of experience in winding wire industry, is one of the largest companies in this field in Iran. The company has experienced management and professional staff members. It produces high quality and globally competitive products and improve its quantity in the framework of coherent and large-scale programs for full coverage of domestic market and powerful global presence.

Nirousazan Maad Industrial co., with the most advanced laboratories, issues international certificates for its products and guarantee them in qualitative way that is relying on increasing knowledge, continuing education in human resources and using of high technology equipment and is proud to present various products and is applicable in the fields of:


  • Copper wires and its derivatives
  • Copper busbars
  • Copper and Aluminum round and flat wires with special insulation types
  • Tube wires, hallow conductors and copper tubes
  • Copper clad steel wires (CCS)
  • Copper clad aluminum wires (CCA)


For use in the generating industry, transformers, electro motors, traction motors, electrical magnets, power transmission networks, wire and cable industries, cooling systems and medical industries, and now serve a wide range of domestic customers.

In this regard, quantitive and qualitive development and satisfaction of customers are of the most important goals of the Nirousazan Maad group. The company with its precise planning, has managed to grow significantly in the short term, and in addition to covering the need of domestic market, it offers its products globally. Now, we are looking forward to skim through international market and working with global manufactures. For this purpose, in the term of short and long term programs, precise and ambitious plans are being prepared to ensure that, in addition to accurate and daily monitoring of the quality of products, quantitively we can compete and be activate in universal dimensions.


Our vision and macro policy is based on: superior quality, accurate delivery time and reasonable price

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